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Sloss Furnaces is more than a historical treasure. It is also a premiere events venue hosting weddings, corporate functions, formals, birthday parties and reunions. With six unique rental areas, Sloss Furnaces offers something for everyone. The historic nature of Sloss Furnaces makes for a memorable and unique location for any event. If you would like to see more pictures of fabulous events at Sloss Furnaces, see: Wedding joy

Furnace Apron


The apron provides and unique setting for any small party or wedding. This one-of-a-kind setting served as the epicenter of the iron making process for more than 70 years.

Accommodates: 100 people

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Water Tower


The Water Tower is the most recognizable symbol for Sloss Furnaces. Standing more than 70 feet tall, the base of the Water Tower provides a spacious area for any event. The base of the Water Tower is perfect for displaying food or showcasing a band.

Accommodates: 300 people seated

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Spray Pond


The Spray Pond is the most versatile area that provides a lovely backdrop to any event or festival. The dancing water in the background adds a nice touch to your event.

Accommodates: 200 people seated

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Casting Shed


Complete with a stage and an unobstructed view of the historic 20th century blast furnace.

Accommodates: 900 people seated


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New Visitor’s Center- East Room


Our brand new visitor’s center offers a new view of Sloss and of Birmingham. This grand room is perfect for wedding, conventions or corporate parties.

Accommodates: 400 people seated

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New Visitor’s Center- West Room


Our brand new visitor’s center offers a new view of Sloss and of Birmingham. This room is for small parties, meetings, or gatherings.

Accommodates: 80 people seated

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Paranormal Investigations

For information about renting the site for a paranormal investigation, see: Paranormal agreement


contact Joy Hullett at 205.254.2028 or jhullett@slossfurnaces.com