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Bring Sloss Furnaces to Your Classroom!

In Class Presentations


Our Education Coordinator, Ty Malugani, can come out to your school to teach about Sloss Furnaces, its history, science, technology, workers, or any other aspect of its storied past. We can tailor the lessons to what your class is studying at the time, or just tell the general story and workings of Sloss. We can also bring some primary-source materials and artifacts so that your students can still get a feel of what it took to run the historic furnaces.

These are some of the topics available:

  • General Sloss History
  • General Sloss Science and Technology
  • Early Alabama Industry
  • Industry, the Great Depression, and New Deal
  • Convict Leasing
  • Rise of Birmingham
  • Industry and the World Wars
  • Life in Company Housing
  • Tuxedo Junction and Alabama Jazz
  • Industry’s Influence on Music

This experience is free. If you would like to schedule an in the classroom presentation, please contact our Education Coordinator Ty Malugani at (205) 254-2254 or at tyler@slossfurnaces.org.


Sloss Teacher’s Guide

Check out our Teacher’s Guide which is full of information about Sloss, suggested activities and discussion questions, and an overview of our educational offerings and educational partners.


Discover Sloss Bag

Check out the newest way for your students to discover the history and magic of Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark! Our Discover Sloss Bag brings the education to your classroom. Full of artifacts, PowerPoints, maps, documents, and other primary source materials, the Discover Sloss Bag makes the history come to life! Students can learn about Birmingham’s iron industry while holding coke, limestone, and iron ore, among other amazing artifacts and materials. And since it is in your classroom, you can teach the material on your time making it the easiest way to share the history and importance of Sloss Furnaces with your students.
The Discover Sloss Bag is free for teachers to use for one week. Any additional weeks will cost $10 each. Teachers can either pick up and drop off the Discover Sloss Bag at Sloss Furnaces, or have it delivered and picked up by a Sloss Furnaces employee for a small fee of $10.
For more information please contact our Education Coordinator, Ty Malugani at 205-254-2254 or at tyler.malugani@birminghamal.gov.