A National Historic Landmark


Sloss Furnaces produced iron for nearly 90 years, which gave rise to the city of Birmingham, AL. Now recognized as a National Historic Landmark, Sloss Furnaces, with its web of pipes and tall smokestacks, offers a glimpse into the great industrial past of the South and our nation.

* Please Note: The site will be closed to the public on Saturday, August 27, 2016 for a private event. Metal Arts Workshop Weekend participants, pre-arranged volunteers & special event visitors will be admitted via security entrance. 



As a Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark volunteer, you’re investing in the future of Sloss Furnaces, Birmingham, and our entire community.


Photography at Sloss

Whether you are a hobbiest, professional, or beginner, Sloss Furnaces provides a wonderfully unique setting for photography of all types.



There is nothing like being part of one of the oldest, and most storied, historical landmarks in Alabama. Sloss Furnaces represents a century old tradition of iron making, with roots that include its role in making Birmingham the Magic City.