Photography at Sloss

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Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark is a museum and educational institution whose primary mission is to preserve and promote the site in order to educate and expose visitors to Southern industrial history. Whether you are a professional or amateur, Sloss Furnaces provides a wonderfully unique setting for photography of any kind. If you are intending on taking photographs of or on the site, please read over this information and the detailed Photography Policy linked below.


Visitors to Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark who would like to take photographs of the site for personal use (to remember/document their trip, show to family and friends, hang in their homes) are encouraged to do so at NO CHARGE. While we still recommend visiting our Visitor’s Center, you do not need to fill out a Photography Policy application form.

For types of photography usually done inside of a studio (prom/homecoming photographs, family portraits, senior photographs) NOT taken by a professional (or paid) photographer, we ask that you give a donation to the Sloss Furnaces Foundation to help fund educational programs.


Sloss Furnaces encourages scholars, researchers, planners, and students to use imagery of the site as it reflects in their work (reports, essays, articles, school projects) at NO CHARGE. Credit must be given to Sloss Furnaces in all such work. Donations are strongly encouraged as all donated money goes toward the Sloss Education fund. Please bring your Student or Faculty ID card from your academic institution. All MUST fill out a Photography Policy application form before taking pictures.

Instructors of photography classes MUST contact Karen Utz, Curator/Historian at (205) 254-2281 or at before bringing their class and include the number of students they are bringing as well as ensure all rules are followed.


Sloss Furnaces defines amateur photographers as someone who uses professional equipment to take photographs, but does not receive any money or compensation for their product. Any amateur photographer who plans to exhibit their photographs to the public in any way (social media, community exhibitions, photography websites) MUST fill out the Photography Policy application form as well as PAY THE FEE outlined in the Photography Policy below.

If you consider yourself an amateur, but receive payment for your work, please read over the section below on commercial and professional use.


As an historic site, Sloss Furnaces realizes that its site can provide a textural background for commercial or professional photographers. Commercial and professional photography are not reflected in our mission. However, Sloss Furnaces does not prohibit this type of work, but reserves the right to restrict or limit access to the site as it compromises our mission. Photographers taking photographs for commercial or professional use MUST PAY THE FEE based on the number of personnel and equipment used outlined in the Photography Policy linked below and MUST fill out the application form within the policy before taking photographs.

If artistic photographs of Sloss are to be exhibited, full credit must be given to Sloss Furnaces. In addition, if works are to be published or sold Sloss Furnaces requires an ADDITIONAL FEE, negotiated prior to publication or sales.

Professional photography sessions (engagements, family photographs, portraits, or portfolio building) need to be scheduled in advance. We have many events taking place that may limit availability to some areas of the site. Photo shoots are allowed during regular hours.

For questions or availability, please call Karen Utz, Curator/Historian, at (205) 254-2281 or at


If you are interested in filming any kind of video at Sloss Furnaces, you MUST contact Karen Utz, Curator/Historian, at (205) 254-2281 or at before filming. Sloss furnaces requires filmmakers to PAY THE FEE outlined in the Photography Policy below, and they MUST fill out the application form within the policy.

If you are interested in filming with a drone at Sloss Furnaces, you MUST contact Karen Utz, Curator/Historian, at (205) 254-2281 or at before filming/flying. Sloss Furnaces requires drone pilots to PAY THE FEE outlined in this Photography Policy, they MUST fill out the application form within this policy, and they must prove they are registered with the FAA.




The policy can be found here: Photography Policy and Application Form or at the Front Desk in the Visitor’s Center.