Become A Partner in Preservation

Birmingham was built on the back of its iron industry. As the longest continually running blast furnace in Birmingham’s history, Sloss plays an important role not only in the history of the city, but in keeping that history alive. You can play just as important of a role in the continued education and preservation of Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark. Your support ensures this unique and awe-inspiring monument to the Industrial Revolution remains for future generations. The stacks stand as a reminder of the city’s origins and of the men who worked for their families, their future, and their city. Help us preserve the story of Birmingham’s iron industry. Join today.


































To join, fill out our Membership Form and mail in with check to:

Sloss Furnaces Foundation
20 32nd Street North
Birmingham, AL 35222

Or drop it off at our Visitor Center where you can pay by check, cash, or credit card.